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I have a tarot card app, I use it as a source of inspiration, a way to get me to think about my life, etc in ways I might not have noticed otherwise. Twice now this month I’ve received The Devil Reversed as my tarot of the day. The basic jist of the card is that it’s time to break old habits that no longer serve you, be it in a career, a relationship, or the way you treat yourself.

March was a sort of stalled month. It was a good month, but for all the progress and growth I had in January and February, I let myself completely slack on my education and training. I was indulgent and slothful. My original intend was to allow myself some rest, I had worked so hard and gained I deserved some reward. However I never really got back to work. Barely made it to dance class, haven’t been to the Jungle at all, and for two months in a row now I’ve failed to accomplish my simple goal of putting together a voice demo.

Though I can’t be too hard on myself, March was a month of personal emotional growth. I made bonding with my new boyfriend a priority. And why shouldn’t I, in developing a 5 year plan, personal goals are considered. I’m 29 years old and in the next few years I would like to be on the path of starting my family. The man I’m with had similar goals, ambitions, drives and he’s on a similar timeline. I can seriously see us accomplishing all our goals together. I’m also madly, irrevocably, glutinously in love with him, so that helps.

But staring starry eyed at each other and talking about the future isn’t going to make it happen, and that is the habit I need to break. Of falling in love and spending my time day dreaming only to wake up one day and find myself in a rut. I can develop both my professional and emotional goals at the same time and I must. So ok digital divination I hear you. Back to work I go! April is going to be incredible; I already have yet another crosstraining which is a great chance to prove myself as a performer, a possibility to advance my career behind the scenes, and a few new ventures to add to my education.


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the look on that dog’s face.

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Worst game of pickup sticks ever…

Alright people! Time to get back in the game. What are we training today? And, so help me, if anyone say legs, I will have a kickboxing class with your face.

Robot hoodie. Bacon. Happy princess

Princess selfie!

  • Me: Wait why do they even advertise pants?
  • Jack: Not everyone hates pants like you do.

Best roomie ever.

I find it interesting when people ask “What does the universe want from me?” Once you realize that the universe, all of reality really, is an illusion, a projection of your consciousness, you realize the question is truly

"What do I want from me?"